An official press release has been published: Geological Prospecting and Exploration Quality and Standard on the Score of AGR.

Geological Prospecting and Exploration Quality and Standard on the Score of AGR
In 2014 geological prospecting and extracting companies in CIS countries had to significantly reduce costs for geological exploration. It resulted in change of requirements to time frames and implementation costs of exploration while keeping geological information quality on the same level. 
Our company proposes an efficient solution of this problem introducing a new product to the market: Supervising based on the AGR System. 
Here we do not provide geological support according to a service agreement and we do not act as a primary contractor. Our goal is to arrange a uniform digital space based on the AGR System for all production processes within a project which can be applied not only to customer proprietary geological service but also to all the contractor organizations.
Within Supervising we fulfill the following tasks:
· provide standardization of technical and geological data content and formats used by · all project participants;
· provide tools for real time presentation and analysis of project key characteristics;
· provide instant interaction among all participants; 
· inform a project owner about faults/delays/deviations from a plan;
· provide summaries and other reporting documentation covering any periods.  
All Supervising services are implemented by a minimum number of people increasing the efficiency of a geological prospecting project due to time and cost expenditures optimization for performing single operations and significantly improve geological information quality. 
Providing Supervision services based on AGR System could be impossible without thorough development of the System as well as improvement of  System deployment practices on different stages of geological prospecting projects varying by complexity.
Next 2015 year we will be happy to continue improve the AGR System for geology in Russia and abroad.
What New AGR Features became available in 2014?
Throughout the year of 2014 the AGR System became even easier to use and efficient. Its functionality was significantly extended.
· Automated Stand for Taking Core Samples Photos
New photo-stand control function (with up to 4 cameras) was added. Image settings and switch handling is made directly using AGR interface. It allows taking photos of any amount of core samples with automatic matching of images. An image is immediately saved to AGR-file and in the database.
· Automatic Import of Sampling Results
Now the import of sampling results can be performed directly to the AGR server from different file formats (xls, csv, txt) or external databases by direct ODBC connection. After their import sampling results are spread to corresponding cells in the database while analyzed results are added into reporting documentation.
· Samples Bar Code Labeling
Improved bar code support. We use the high quality labels with bar codes for samples labeling. The labels have a credit card dimensions and can be of different colors. The labels are covered with a protective coating and for more reliability a sample number is stamped on the plastic (embossing).
· Integration with Drilling Equipment
A new service of the AGR System allows its integration with various external telemetric devices. The service collects data from a drilling rig (measured depth, spindle rotation speed, penetration rate, circulating fluid pressure and other parameters corresponding to sensors installed on a rig).
· Batch Data Processing
Batch data processing is now available in the server unit of the AGR System. It allows performing automatic reports generation about all well sites of one deposit or new documents generation in the background mode. This function also makes possible data processing in the background mode. 
· Distributed Data Input
The function of parallel data input from different workstations (a drilling registry, geophysical and geochemical data, field and in-house geological documentation etc.) is now available. It allows professionals of different levels adding various information to the AGR System independently, augmenting the uniform geological database. 
· Updated Interface
The interface of server AGR Data Control unit was revamped. Now there is more space for data browsing and navigation became easier. Better icon buttons and new toolbars are now available. New functions which make it easy to work with a map and documents were added and other functions were significantly simplified.
· Improved AGR Performance
The AGR Data Control demonstrates ten times better performance (it was achieved by optimizing data storage and processing structure). The AGR Documentation application speed of response was increased (due to optimizing the subsystem for scripts).
What New AGR Features Are Expected in 2015?
The next year many new functions and improvements will be added into the AGR System among which are:
· a multi-purpose quality control unit;
· an extended sample series control unit;
· new functions for key project characteristics presentation;
· new data processing functions…
…and even more.
We plan to introduce new AGR-based software products for solving a range of complimentary domain tasks, for example, an inter-laboratory matching tests system and samples preparation and tracking control information system.

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Happy New 2015 Year!
RJC Team