photo‘Our business is inseparably connected with implementation of modern technologies into Russian mining industry. Our country is the richest owner of mineral resources and could not keep aloof from the world progress. Open borders inevitably brought to Russia international IT developers offering wide variety of solutions for prospecting and exploration, mining and processing.

Starting from implementation of foreign GISs and mining software, our Company elaborated its own development strategy aimed at effective work with mineral licenses and mines. It covers, first of all, enhancement of technological level of main production and optimization of quality control. We made the main emphasis on exploration and geological and economic assessment as they are the most important stages in mining and determine it’s prospective.

Overseas and our own IT solutions for exploration enabled establishing solid ground for choosing effective mining method and considerably sparing time and means.
Many years’ experience of our company was gained during work with various commodities, from coal to gold, on more than 60 deposits. That enabled us to build a team of highly qualified professionals who are the main value of the Company.

Our Company is always open for partnership and cooperation. We are glad to offer our experience and knowledge to mining companies and investors aimed at effective exploration and mining’.
PhD Mikhail Kornilov, General Director, ZAO 'RJC GROUP'