Welcome to RJC!

 RJC is an independent rapidly growing Russian company with a team of young and energetic professionals. We kicked off in 2000s with promotion of the mining software and were able to gain a reliable reputation while working with the leading mining companies in Russia.

We have resources to render our customers a wide range of services: from designing exploration programs to developing industrial mineral deposits of various genetic types, including deposits with a complex geology, and in remote regions.

We are optimistic about future of the Russian mining industry as a modern and dynamic one, being the basis of the economical growth of the country, and are glad to cooperate with companies who are interested in a successful realization of their opportunities.

Among our achievements is the AGR System. It was especially developed for core logging and documenting geological features of the samples from trenches. The System proved its expediency and efficiency for exploration. SEVERSTAL, GRK ZAPADNAYA, ARLAN, and other companies are already conducting exploration of their deposits on the basis of the AGR System. 450 km of core is logged using the AGR System.

The AGR System is the new quality of your exploration program!