Information Technologies in Exploration

RJC is investing its own funds into development of IT solutions for automation of the exploration program and works since 2008. Within recent years we successfully elaborated and placed into operation the AGR System on several enterprises. The AGR System means automated exploration works and is designed to collect, store, and manage geological data – all on one platform.

Company’s internal need for a modern tool to conduct exploration programs was resolved by this software product. We required a thorough solution that could facilitate and optimize documenting of the crude geological data from exploration workings, developing data base, preparing reports, and avoiding, at the same time, repeating separate operations, eliminating data duplications, ensuring safety of the unique irretrievable data, providing distributed access, etc. and also ensuring the reporting materials meeting valid methodological materials and guidelines. At the time the work on AGR System commenced, the specialists of RJC had extensive experience in analyzing and interpretation of exploration data, and understanding of requirements to electronic data base, its further utilization and the difficulties arising in relation to entering the crude geological data into electronic data bases. The experience helped us to consider all particularities, specific needs, and develop an optimum technology, the one and only integral system to really efficiently carry out documenting of exploration geological data, collect and keep it in one data base, and generate reporting materials as required by the effective Russian legislation and QA/QC procedures.