The Company’s history began 2001, when it made first sales of Micromine in Russia. Just within few years the Company’s staff managed to bring the software in leaders by popularity among GIS and mining software in Russia. That became possible owing to hard work and understanding of specific character of domestic mining companies’ work flow organization. So in order to demonstrate advantages of the promoted mining software we showed to potential customers what one can do with its aid. Moreover, we had to make mining companies understand that the product was not just a tool, but the results of using it were of a great practical value.

Step by step, the challenges in front of the Company became more complex. 2007 RJC (Micromine Russia at that time) prepared and successfully defended in the SCfR Technical and Economic Assessment of permanent exploration conditions for Klyuchevskoe deposit using the block model. There was no precedent for that earlier in Russia.

Since then, RJC completed four projects resulted in TEO of mining conditions and reserve evaluation, resource estimation, carried out mathematical modeling of deposits, economic assessment, and other works for more than 60 mineral deposits of various types.

In parallel with these works, our Company worked on developing exploration support services. The Company’s specialists many a time supported and conducted exploration programs of the customers, carried out researches on mineralogy and petrology in order to determine distribution regularities of mineralization.

Supporting exploration programs of its customers, RJC many a time ran into a number of issues, related to drawbacks and problems existing today in the field of core logging and data collection, storage, and exchange. After going over all offers present in the market today, we decided to develop our own tool. So we commenced 2009 works on the computer-based core logging program: the AGR System.

The AGR System and guidelines on its application were approved November 2010 by the Minutes of Meeting of Expert and Technical Commission of SCfR of Russian Federation. The document specified that geological documentation generated in the AGR System can be submitted for the State Experts’ consideration.

Autumn 2010, RJC as the main contractor started up exploration program at Garinskoe iron ore deposit, Amur region. Thorough experience of supporting the exploration drilling from the start till reporting its results was implemented in full in the new AGR 3.0 version which makes the AGR System a universal platform that enables efficient exploration program management.